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UGI Engineering has come forward to serve the Rolling Mills to adopt European Technology ( Collaboration with SEAD Steel Technology , Turkey) with higher productivity & reduce cost of production . We lay special emphasis on Specific Fuel & Power Consumption and ensure environment friendly, pollution free facilities.

SEAD STEEL TECHNOLOGIES LTD, Turkey for the Slit Technology , design and engineering of projects and equipment for rolling mills up to 500,000 TPA .

• CRM Belgium, the controlling authority for Tempcore brand of high yield strength weldable concrete reinforcing bars from mild steel

• M/s Hennigsdorfer Stahl Engineering Gmbh, Germany , THERMEX Technology - a Quenching & Self Tempering (QST) process; and the first choice world wide for Deformed TMT Bar Mill.

• UGI Consultancy Services division also undertakes technology upgradation and modernization of existing Mills for higher Productivity, Better Quality, Fuel & Power Efficiency and Reduction in Environment Pollution .

• UGI covers vast product ranges of covered by up to 750 mm rolling Mill Plants with desired automation & robotics.

• UGI also take up Engineering Job Work as per Customer's Drawings and Specifications to utilize spare Machining Capacity

• Installation of individual new mills and production lines for stand-alone greenfield sites

• Professional excellence and commitment to work safety, the integration of sustainable-development principles during process design

• UGI has a strong team of Technical Personnel and it is associated with reputed Consultancy Organizations to provide Total Engineering Support

• UGI takes up Modernization, Revamping and Refurbishing of existing Mills.