UGI Wire & Rod Mill boasts numerous advantages in term of productivity , quality and efficiency. No Twist Block Mill & The stand design incorporates many features and vital for the best operation of quality of wire-rods , close dimensional tolerances of the end product +- 0.10mm and ovality 0.2mm. with scale loss upto 0.6% . The UGI Engineering also accommodates a single pass design from stand 1 through to the last stand of the finish block , a feature that significantly increase utilization.

Morden Twist Free Finishing Block

The twist free finishing block is of an advanced design, engineered to meet the strenuous demands of today’s high speed rod mills. The configuration comprises an electric motor driving through a synchronizing gearbox to give twin output extended to bevel gearboxes to from the two main mill drive-shafts of the block. From these drive shafts the bevel gears take the drive to the stands at 45º on each side of the vertical center line so giving 90 º stand to stand relationships. The drive shaft’s and bevel boxes etc, is all below pass line thus giving a low overall mill height for maximum operator access, visibility and operation.

UGI Morden Mill Stand

The stand design incorporates many features and vital for the best operation and production of quality rod. The roll / roll holder is of a design which allows the carbide rolls to be mounted on the holders, without introduction of hoop stresses into the carbide, with a consequential reduction in the incidence of roll breakages. This design together with the very high roll pass life, has established installations with greater roll life. This of course has noticeable effects on the mill availability times and hence on production figures.

Cooling System

The controlled cooling system consists of a roller type conveyor advancing the rod spirals over axial flow air fans and diffusion chambers. To ensure satisfactory mechanical operation under the arduous conditions of slow cooling, the conveyor will have solid rollers of a length sufficient to move their bearings away from the heat source, the bearing themselves being housed in water cooled housing. Mill shears and saws

UGI Mill Shears & Saw Machine has made from EN-8 Steel fabricated stress relived body construction with control panel, starter, Automatic Operating System & Centralize Oil Lubrication System . UGI Engineering offers a full line of hot and cold shears necessary in a wire & rod mill for a wide variety of requirements, such as head/ tail cropping , dividing, sampling or scrapping, cutting-to-length.

Wire Rod Finishing Components

UGI Engineering has extensive portfolio of equipment to cover the complete range of final processing needs. From counting to bundling and stacking – every thing can be arranged for a smooth final production process.

Cooling Beds

UGI Engineering cooling beds are designed using standard elements that can be combined in accordance with plant product mix requirements and production capacity. The coil handling facility will be equipped with a circumferential and radial strapping machine, robotic marking machine, and coil inspection station


  1. Annual production - 2,50,5000 - 3,00,000 ton
  2. Furnace capacity - 60 t/h (+ 20%)
  3. Billet / Section - 130 x 130mm X 6/12m
    Weight - 760/1550 kg
  4. Steel Grades - DIN 488 low and medium carbon
        ASTM A615 Grade 60/ BS 4449 GR460
  5. Finished products:    
    Rebar - 8-10mm (3 slit)
    Rebar - 12-14-16mm (2 slit)
    Rebar - 20-40mm (1 slit)
  6. Rolling Speed - 11.5 m/s max.
  7. Total available hours - 300 days x 3 shifts x 24 hrs : 7,200
    Mill stops (hours) - 1,300
    Net avalable hours - 5,900
    Required net rolling hours - 4,900

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